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Move over Viagra, Levitra, Watermelon is up to Bat!

Posted by maikeru76 on July 7, 2008

Researchers at Texas A&M University, recently, have released a new study that finds watermelons having a compound that has the same effect as prescription medicines for erectile dysfunction(ED).

Watermelons were found to have a compound called citrulline that reacts with the human body’s natural enzymes relaxing the blood vessels. This effect can be seen also with medicines prescribed for erectile dysfunction(ED) such as Levitra and Viagra. Thus, raising the possibility that this compound might provide relief not only for ED but for high blood pressure due to its other cardiovascular benefits as other researchers and doctors in America are finding out.

Just don’t gorge on that watermelon yet. As everybody knows, eating too much of this fruit makes you go to the bathroom more often due to its diuretic effect. The study also found much of the citrulline in the rind of the watermelon. The kind of watermelon also counts for the amount of citrulline one could get; the yellow-fleshed varieties have the highest amount of citrulline.

Found in the flesh and rind of watermelons, citrulline reacts with the body’s enzymes when consumed in large quantities and is changed into arginine, an amino acid that benefits the heart and the circulatory and immune systems.

Citrulline has a reaction with our body’s enzymes, when you intake larger quantities of it, and it is converted into arginine. Arganine is an amino acid that is beneficial to the heart, circulatory and immune systems.

“Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it,” said Bhimu Patil, a researcher and director of Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center. “Watermelon may not be as organ-specific as Viagra, but it’s a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug side effects.”

As always with all early-phase studies, this is yet to be conclusive due to the fact that further studies are needed to confirm these amazing findings. What we could do for the time being to prevent or manage erectile dysfunction are preventive measures such as stress management, eating the right food, getting plenty of the right exercise and adding proven and safe supplements to our daily diet.

Someone did send me a link to a natural supplement site, I thought I would pass it on for review:

A natural way to battle Erectile Dysfuntion

Here is a vid on Watermelon and it’s ED effects:


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Prevent Obese Kids, Keep Mom and Dad Healthy

Posted by maikeru76 on July 7, 2008

A study done in Australia has nailed down what most of us has suspected all along with regard to the ‘epidemic’ of obese children in the Western Hemisphere (or wherever the ‘fast-food culture’ has started to become popular): Mom and Dad, you’d better clean up your act if you want to keep your kids from getting fat and have them live longer, productive lives.

Mothers everywhere have bearing the brunt of blame for anything that goes around the house for ages. A recent study released by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia have found out that not only do kids get their cues from their mothers regarding their eating habits and level of physical activity but they do too from their fathers.

The study was done across a broad section of Australian preschool children and for the first time, documented that fathers can do more to prevent and manage obesity in their children. At first, this might not apply for the United States of America. But bear in mind, that it has long been established in medical journals and pop culture that children really model their lives around what their parents (be it mom and dad or surrogate parents) do and not necessarily on what they say.

To prevent or manage obesity anywhere, it takes the whole family to do so. Healthier living may start with one, be it mom or dad, but slowly and surely it will rub off on everyone in the household. Everybody in the family should get involved in leading healthy lifestyles and by doing so, we may assure future generations to be healthier as well.

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On a Diet? Check Your Fridge…

Posted by maikeru76 on July 2, 2008

I have determined by now that there is no turning back for me on my eating ‘healthy’.

I am now starting to exercise lightly for a start. Hmmm…I am moving in the right direction right now. Again, no turning back.

Ooops! But wait…Am I kidding myself here? You too may have gone on a diet and a ‘lifestyle overhaul’ presently or in the past. Trying to make that change on losing ‘extra baggage’, getting fit, feeling better or forbid it to happen; due to doctor’s orders.

Have you checked your fridge lately? Yes, the fridge. If your like me, it is the ‘most temptation-filled’ part of any home. The chocolate bars…the creamy dips…that dressing…hmmm, the yummy grilled pork ribs left-over from last night…You know what I’m talking about.

Well, probably most of us are “sabotaging” our own efforts. Willpower or determination alone won’t get us to our fitness goals. Same goes with exercise. ‘Sweating it out’ won’t make us more fitt if we still ‘pig out’ after our exercise sessions and one probable ‘suspect’ for that is the fridge. You may not be losing your extra weight as fast as you could because of the kind of food and snacks you have there.

So with our lifestyle change and our determination to be healthier, let’s ‘clean-out’ the fridge (and freezer).

Check if you still have those tempting treats that ultimately go to the waist.

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About infomercial workout machines…A Review – great abs

Posted by maikeru76 on July 1, 2008

About infomercial workout machines…Review

Another great day for me, I jogged this morning, had my breakfast earlier of whole grain cereal sprinkled with raisins (for fiber and natural vitamins), and turned on the TV. Hmmm, its a perfect lazy Sunday for me. Whoa! Yet another tv commercial about an “ab machine” for that stubborn abdominal fat (yeah I have ’em, really stubborn). The ‘ new’ contraption I’m talking about here is the ‘Bean’, looks like a foot stool without the legs.

Before I ‘drift away’, I have also done some research on various fitness magazines, fitness professional sites and even doctor’s blogs. What I have come upon is this: There is not one exercise, routine or ‘machine’ that will make your abs have that ‘six-pack’ look. Again, not one exercise, routine or machine will make your abs have that ‘six pack’ look.

Here are some of what I have compiled so far about total body fitness:

· Six-pack abs or trim abdominal areas are a result of smart fitness training. If you are overweight like me, we are never going to get them by just exercising our abdominal area alone and expecting results “in just minutes a day”.

· You really have to invest time and energy (not necessarily lots of money) to reach your fitness goals. For me it is for prevention of serious diseases (high blood pressure and heart attacks, for starters) and I have begun to appreciate the early morning sun and being able to run or jog while others are just rolling around their beds and ‘dreading’ the brand new day.

· It is really an illusion that there is one way of getting fit. The best ones that work and have a higher success rate are those programs that can be easily fit in your daily routine. As is always the case, changing some of what you are used too feels tedious or ‘hard’ at the start. But, once you get the hang of it, you will really see and feel results.

· The marketers of these products ‘prey’ upon us who don’t have enough time to do research (there are a lot of free and sensible tips on the Internet) and too ‘busy’ for exercise. I have read success stories on losing weight the sensible way, they incorporated taking health supplements, get serious with daily exercise (that fit their fitness levels), and healthy lifestyle changes in their daily lives. Again, your slimmer hips, waist or six pack abs won’t happen ‘overnight’.

What we really need to exercise, before thinking of buying any machine or starting a fitness program, online or offline, is caution. Reading the fine print and consulting a qualified doctor and fitness professional to get in you in the ‘proper gear’. You will never get fit with “3 payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling”.

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