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Keep Tab of What You are Eating

Posted by maikeru76 on January 14, 2009

A new study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on, has revealed the effectiveness of having a food journal as tool in losing extra weight. The study proponents, the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, looked at the record and experiences of more than1,500 obese patients in their quest to lose their unhealthy extra poundage.

The strategies employed for the obese patients were lifestyle interventions like healthy eating, regular exercise, group sessions and keeping tab of what they eat through food journals. The patients who had food journals lost almost double than their counterparts who had none.

The average weight loss by participants as seen in the study was 13 pounds after five months. The food journaling group had lost almost double the average and the most significant thing was that they kept their weight off.

To have a journal might be an ‘inconvenient’ move for anyone wanting to lose weight. But as the study has shown, the ‘little things’ really do count. People don’t gain weight overnight. It is a process of bad habits snowballing until it gets really out of hand or out of our waistbands.

We have to stop our ‘excuses’ of us being overweight or obese like blaming our genes, lack of time, or simply it is really ‘inconvenient’ or ‘it takes time’ to eat right and exercise.

Which is more inconvenient, keeping the habit of being mindful of our activity levels and what we eat or having to dread the bad news from our doctor of our health deteriorating because of our bad habits?

Let us act now before the damage we have done to our bodies are irreversible.



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Dairy Aids Weight Loss

Posted by maikeru76 on January 5, 2009

On a diet? You probably have cut back on your portions, calorie-heavy fare and carbohydrates especially sugary drinks and candy (like me). You may have to add one food group if you would want faster weight loss: Dairy.

Dairy products like milk and yogurt, especially the lower fat varieties, are rich sources of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamins (vitamin A and vitamin B-complex). The calcium in milk and dairy aids in burning off fat and controls the body from creating more fat from the food we eat.

A study done by researchers at the The University of Tennessee had confirmed the link of dairy consumption, specifically that of yogurt, with double-digit loss of body fat. The same study revealed that men who added 3 servings of low-fat yogurt to their daily diets, with regular exercise and healthy eating, lost an average of 61 % more body fat and 81% more abdominal (stomach area) fat than those who didn’t have yogurt in their diet.

Those are really good numbers I say and I would definitely add dairy products (the lower fat variety, of course) to my diet .


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A Great Way to Get Around AND LOSE weight!

Posted by maikeru76 on January 2, 2009

Ever considered riding a bike to school, work, or just around the neighborhood? In Los Angeles, California USA, sales for bicycles has increased by 20% for the past month (June to July 2008 figures). With fuel prices no where close to falling to decent levels, people are increasingly heading to the nearest train station or bus stop to commute.

Did I mention, the bicycle store?

People are buying more bicycles (or freshening up what they have now) in LA . Sales for racks, fenders and other accessories for these two-wheelers are seeing an increasing trend. Riding bicycles are not for ‘health freaks’ nor for people on a shoestring budget anymore.

A really good ‘side-effect’ of riding a bike to wherever is that we expend calories in the process. It’s not rocket science really…Have you ridden a bike on a steep hill? You know what I am talking about. The amount of calories being used is really dependent on your level of exertion and body weight. Estimates for calorie expenditure on a bike hovers around 500-600 calories an hour…Talk about a fat-burning exercise with minimal stress on our knees.

So I am really thinking about getting a new bike and have cycling a part of my exercise program (I am currently brisk walking and jogging, with light weight training).

Getting around with a bicycle AND losing weight is just the right thing with fuel prices reaching record highs.

Get acquainted with practical and safety tips on the road with this clip:


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Non-prescription FDA-Approved Diet Aid, Has “Problems”?

Posted by maikeru76 on January 2, 2009

The first non-prescription diet aid approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration still has not performed as expected. The active ingredient of Alli, by GlaxoSmithKline, is Orlistat but it has half of the dose as compared to Xenical which is being manufactured by Roche Holdings.

As with Xenical, Alli prevents the absorption of fat in the intestines. The problem with this way of blocking the fat from food is that fat tends to pass through the intestines unexpectedly. There are lot of “situations” wherein users of the drug have had experiences leading to embarrassment for users.

To remedy this problem, both manufacturers have both issued warnings or contraindications about consumption of fatty food with the pills. In the case of Alli, the pill is being marketed with a kit that includes a healthy eating guide, food journal and calorie guide. The 60-pill kit retails at about $50 while the 90-pill pack retails at about $ 60. That translates, according to company representatives’ estimates, as $1.5 billion US dollars in annual projected earnings for Alli alone.

This might be good way to start for anyone (including myself) wanting to lose weight for fat contains 9 calories a gram compared to 4 calories a gram of protein or carbohydrates.

But I would really opt for the “smarter” way of doing losing weight. That is by eating right, having enough shut-eye, and effective stress management; that is, in my case, fitting exercise in my schedule. There are a lot of good and effective supplements out there too that would definitely work like green tea or green tea extracts.

I would not want to risk an “embarrasing situation” (if I took those diet pills) to spoil a date, business meeting or make me want to turn my back on my newly-formed good habits.


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On a Diet? Check Your Fridge…

Posted by maikeru76 on July 2, 2008

I have determined by now that there is no turning back for me on my eating ‘healthy’.

I am now starting to exercise lightly for a start. Hmmm…I am moving in the right direction right now. Again, no turning back.

Ooops! But wait…Am I kidding myself here? You too may have gone on a diet and a ‘lifestyle overhaul’ presently or in the past. Trying to make that change on losing ‘extra baggage’, getting fit, feeling better or forbid it to happen; due to doctor’s orders.

Have you checked your fridge lately? Yes, the fridge. If your like me, it is the ‘most temptation-filled’ part of any home. The chocolate bars…the creamy dips…that dressing…hmmm, the yummy grilled pork ribs left-over from last night…You know what I’m talking about.

Well, probably most of us are “sabotaging” our own efforts. Willpower or determination alone won’t get us to our fitness goals. Same goes with exercise. ‘Sweating it out’ won’t make us more fitt if we still ‘pig out’ after our exercise sessions and one probable ‘suspect’ for that is the fridge. You may not be losing your extra weight as fast as you could because of the kind of food and snacks you have there.

So with our lifestyle change and our determination to be healthier, let’s ‘clean-out’ the fridge (and freezer).

Check if you still have those tempting treats that ultimately go to the waist.

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Weight Control Can Be Fun!

Posted by maikeru76 on June 19, 2008

Do you swear by low-carbohydrate? are you on Atkins? Have you signed up for Weight Watchers? how about South Beach Diet? Or any other “latest diet” by word-of-mouth for that matter. There are lot of choices and programs for YOU out there. With help of the World Wide Web and arming yourself with common sense, you can adapt diet and lifestyle programs that fit your lifestyle.

How? Well, all of the diet programs and “fads” have a common goal; calorie reduction and lasting weight control. All the advocates of these have different approaches to obtain that goal. All you have to do is follow them OR adapt them to your lifestyle.

If your the typical “grazer”, you add fruits and salads, with reduced-calorie dressing, in your snack “menu”. If you tend to eat heavy meals, why not watch your portions. NEVER “super-size” your fast-food servings. If you really like extra gravy on your mashed potatoes, why not try flavorful yet low-calorie gravy substitutes or step the flavor factor of your mashed potatoes or steamed rice with different seasonings that you like (just be careful with the sodium content on some seasoning mixes though). Learn new recipes of your favorites. An important key to lasting weight loss is that you reduce your calorie intake.

To boost your metabolism , that is increasing your body’s capability to burn calories, Why not start an exercise program that is approved or recommended for you by an accredited medical or fitness professional? Regular brisk walking, if done properly, does wonders for your muscles and joints. How about vigorous dancing to music you like?. Play your favorite dance track CD or download your favorite track to your music player and get ready to shake some serious booty.

You can also use other means to speed the weight reduction. I found one product that looked really good called Tonalin Cla

Weight control can really be fun!.

To wrap it all up:

  • Make wise food choices, choose flavorful substitutes.
  • Watch your meal AND snack portions.
  • Keep moving, start a sensible exercise program.
  • And above all, make it fun!.

Remember: A calorie saved is an inch lost!


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