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About infomercial workout machines…A Review – great abs

Posted by maikeru76 on July 1, 2008

About infomercial workout machines…Review

Another great day for me, I jogged this morning, had my breakfast earlier of whole grain cereal sprinkled with raisins (for fiber and natural vitamins), and turned on the TV. Hmmm, its a perfect lazy Sunday for me. Whoa! Yet another tv commercial about an “ab machine” for that stubborn abdominal fat (yeah I have ’em, really stubborn). The ‘ new’ contraption I’m talking about here is the ‘Bean’, looks like a foot stool without the legs.

Before I ‘drift away’, I have also done some research on various fitness magazines, fitness professional sites and even doctor’s blogs. What I have come upon is this: There is not one exercise, routine or ‘machine’ that will make your abs have that ‘six-pack’ look. Again, not one exercise, routine or machine will make your abs have that ‘six pack’ look.

Here are some of what I have compiled so far about total body fitness:

· Six-pack abs or trim abdominal areas are a result of smart fitness training. If you are overweight like me, we are never going to get them by just exercising our abdominal area alone and expecting results “in just minutes a day”.

· You really have to invest time and energy (not necessarily lots of money) to reach your fitness goals. For me it is for prevention of serious diseases (high blood pressure and heart attacks, for starters) and I have begun to appreciate the early morning sun and being able to run or jog while others are just rolling around their beds and ‘dreading’ the brand new day.

· It is really an illusion that there is one way of getting fit. The best ones that work and have a higher success rate are those programs that can be easily fit in your daily routine. As is always the case, changing some of what you are used too feels tedious or ‘hard’ at the start. But, once you get the hang of it, you will really see and feel results.

· The marketers of these products ‘prey’ upon us who don’t have enough time to do research (there are a lot of free and sensible tips on the Internet) and too ‘busy’ for exercise. I have read success stories on losing weight the sensible way, they incorporated taking health supplements, get serious with daily exercise (that fit their fitness levels), and healthy lifestyle changes in their daily lives. Again, your slimmer hips, waist or six pack abs won’t happen ‘overnight’.

What we really need to exercise, before thinking of buying any machine or starting a fitness program, online or offline, is caution. Reading the fine print and consulting a qualified doctor and fitness professional to get in you in the ‘proper gear’. You will never get fit with “3 payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling”.


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