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Weight Control Can Be Fun!

Posted by maikeru76 on June 19, 2008

Do you swear by low-carbohydrate? are you on Atkins? Have you signed up for Weight Watchers? how about South Beach Diet? Or any other “latest diet” by word-of-mouth for that matter. There are lot of choices and programs for YOU out there. With help of the World Wide Web and arming yourself with common sense, you can adapt diet and lifestyle programs that fit your lifestyle.

How? Well, all of the diet programs and “fads” have a common goal; calorie reduction and lasting weight control. All the advocates of these have different approaches to obtain that goal. All you have to do is follow them OR adapt them to your lifestyle.

If your the typical “grazer”, you add fruits and salads, with reduced-calorie dressing, in your snack “menu”. If you tend to eat heavy meals, why not watch your portions. NEVER “super-size” your fast-food servings. If you really like extra gravy on your mashed potatoes, why not try flavorful yet low-calorie gravy substitutes or step the flavor factor of your mashed potatoes or steamed rice with different seasonings that you like (just be careful with the sodium content on some seasoning mixes though). Learn new recipes of your favorites. An important key to lasting weight loss is that you reduce your calorie intake.

To boost your metabolism , that is increasing your body’s capability to burn calories, Why not start an exercise program that is approved or recommended for you by an accredited medical or fitness professional? Regular brisk walking, if done properly, does wonders for your muscles and joints. How about vigorous dancing to music you like?. Play your favorite dance track CD or download your favorite track to your music player and get ready to shake some serious booty.

You can also use other means to speed the weight reduction. I found one product that looked really good called Tonalin Cla

Weight control can really be fun!.

To wrap it all up:

  • Make wise food choices, choose flavorful substitutes.
  • Watch your meal AND snack portions.
  • Keep moving, start a sensible exercise program.
  • And above all, make it fun!.

Remember: A calorie saved is an inch lost!



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